GITAI Conducts Successful Demonstration of Lunar Base Construction in a Mock Lunar Surface Environment

Torrance, CA, USA – March 24, 2023 – GITAI USA Inc. (GITAI), the world’s leading space robotics startup, conducted a successful demonstration of lunar base construction using two GITAI inchworm-type robotic arms and two GITAI Lunar Robotic Rovers in a simulated lunar environment. The GITAI robots completed all planned tasks successfully, and have passed various tests corresponding to Level 4 of NASA’s Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) in a simulated lunar environment in the desert. Additionally, more than half of the components used in these robots have already passed various environmental tests in simulated space environments. We are pleased to release a video of this technical demonstration.

As the demand for lunar exploration and lunar base construction increases, there is a growing need for safe and affordable labor in space. GITAI has responded to these needs by developing an inchworm-type robotic arm equipped with “grapple end-effectors” on both ends of the arm. This unique feature increases “Capability”, enabling it to connect to various tools (end-effectors) to perform multiple tasks for various applications, and “Mobility”, enabling it to move in any direction. It can also connect/disconnect itself among different vehicles such as rovers, landers, and satellites. GITAI has also developed an advanced lunar robotic rover that can perform general-purpose tasks on the moon such as exploration, mining, inspection, maintenance, and assembly.
This ground demonstration test emulates tasks that will be required for future lunar explorations and lunar base constructions using four robots: two inchworm-type robotic arms and two lunar robotic rovers. The following three sets of tests were conducted in the simulated lunar environment in the desert, and all tests were completed successfully:

1. Excavation (mining)

  • Excavating

2. Lunar base construction

  • Installing solar panels
  • Placing an antenna module on a high place
  • Welding a panel
  • Towing an inflatable module

3. Maintenance (self-repairing)

  • Changing the rover tire


GITAI is the world’s leading space robotics startup, aiming to provide safe and affordable labor in space and reduce operational costs by up to 100 times. GITAI is developing highly capable, safe, and reliable robots to help build and maintain satellites, space stations, lunar bases, and even cities on Mars.

Company: GITAI USA Inc. (Los Angeles), GITAI Japan, Inc. (Tokyo)
CEO: Sho Nakanose

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