GITAI’s Capabilities


GITAI is an innovative space robotics company that is achieving several remarkable technical milestones within a surprisingly short period. By embracing agile development processes, in-house manufacturing, and a culture of experimentation, GITAI is poised to become a leading force in the space robotics sector. Despite being a startup, GITAI boasts a team of experienced engineers dedicated to manufacturing high-quality mass products.

Agile Development and Rapid Iteration

In contrast to traditional space robotics companies that still rely on the waterfall model, GITAI has adopted the Agile methodology. This modern approach to development emphasizes collaboration, flexibility, and rapid iteration, resulting in both high-quality and short development periods.

GITAI continually strives to design, develop, test, and evaluate its products as quickly as possible, ensuring that they are ready for the harsh conditions of space and meet the demands of customers.

Embracing Trial and Error with Extensive Testing

GITAI fosters a culture of experimentation and learning, where trial and error are considered essential to success. This approach encourages employees to take risks, learn from mistakes, and ultimately, develop more effective and innovative solutions. GITAI’s robots can operate in a 1G environment, allowing for extensive testing and evaluation on Earth before deploying their robots in space.

GITAI takes pride in designing and manufacturing all key components for its space robots in-house, maintaining complete control over quality and reducing reliance on external suppliers.

In-House Manufacturing and Experienced Team

To guarantee that their robots can withstand the harsh conditions of space, GITAI conducts a wide array of environmental tests, including vibration, thermal vacuum, and radiation tests.

Although GITAI is a startup, half of its engineering team has a wealth of experience in manufacturing high-quality mass products. This unique blend of seasoned professionals and fresh perspectives allows GITAI to push the boundaries of space robotics while maintaining the highest standards of quality and reliability.


GITAI is a groundbreaking space robotics company that is transforming the industry with its agile development process, in-house manufacturing, and commitment to innovation. By continually pushing the envelope and focusing on delivering high-quality products, GITAI is well-positioned to become a dominant player in the space robotics market.

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