GITAI Conducts Successful Demonstration of ISAM Activities in Simulated Space Environment

GITAI Japan, Inc., developing general-purpose robots for space applications, has developed a robot module that can conduct various tasks in the harsh space environment (ex. outside of space stations, LEO) and it has been going through environmental testing (TVAC, vibration, radiation, etc.) under conditions that simulate the LEO environment. In February 2022, the GITAI robot successfully conducted a variety of tasks inside the JAXA 8m thermal vacuum (TVAC) chamber, and we release a video of it here. 
*ISAM = In-space Servicing, Assembly, and Manufacturing

Demonstration of the GITAI Autonomous Robot inside the JAXA 8m TVAC Chamber

During February 7 – 11, 2022, the GITAI autonomous robot conducted an ISAM activities demonstration inside the 8m TVAC chamber at JAXA’s Tsukuba Space Center. 
The GITAI developed ISAM 2m robotic arm / robot system conducted assembly tasks such as putting together a solar panel, and ORU (orbital replacement unit) exchange tasks both autonomously and successfully. 
A 14 hours endurance test was also conducted and the system operated flawlessly until the end. 

■Various Environmental Testing Simulating the LEO Environment 
1. TVAC Test
– Vacuum: 1 × 10^-6 Pa
– Low Temperature: -40°C, High Temperature: +75°C
2. Thermostatic Chamber Test
– Low Temperature: -60°C, High Temperature: +90°C
3. Vibration Test
– 20~2000[Hz]
– Overall:24.4[Grms]

4. Radiation Test
– Proton Energy: 70MeV or 200MeV   
– Fluence: 1 × 10^11 p/cm^2
– Flux: 1×10^6 ~ 1×10^8 p/cm^2/s


■ GITAI’s Mission
GITAI is a space robotics startup that aims to provide inexpensive and safe means of labor in space. 
In 2040, GITAI will be an equal partner with the world’s leading space launch companies, providing inexpensive and safe labor to build space colonies and cities on the Moon and Mars. 
They provide the transportation, we provide the labor. 
They lower transportation costs, we lower labor costs. 


■About GITAI
GITAI is developing general-purpose space robots that can perform inexpensive and safe operations of the following activities: 
1) EVA (Extra-Vehicular Activity) and IVA (Intra-Vehicular Activity) on Space Stations
2) Docking, mission extension, maintenance and repairs for ISAM (satellite servicing and space debris removal)
3) Lunar exploration and lunar base construction related tasks

Company: GITAI Japan, Inc. (HQ), GITAI USA Inc. (US subsidiary)
CEO: (Mr.) Sho Nakanose
Inquiries: [email protected]
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