GITAI USA has successfully completed significant countermeasures for the lunar environment

Torrance, CA, USA – July 5, 2023 – GITAI USA Inc. (GITAI), a leading space robotics startup, is pleased to announce the successful completion of lunar environment testing for the major components of the in-house developed lunar Inch-worm type robotic arm. All tests have been passed with flying colors.

GITAI’s mission is to provide safe and affordable means of labor in space, and as part of this endeavor, GITAI has designed and engineered the lunar Inch-worm type robotic arm and the lunar robotic rover entirely in-house. GITAI has implemented seven essential lunar environment measures for the main components of the lunar Inch-worm type robotic arm, as outlined below:

1. Wireless wire transmission interface for tool changer

GITAI has developed a wireless charging interface for the tool changer as a countermeasure to lunar regolith. Extensive testing within a regolith chamber, containing simulated regolith, has confirmed the flawless functionality of the tool changer.

2. Dust mitigation test of GITAI actuator module and grapple end-effector in a dirty chamber with regolith simulant

Extensive testing has proven the GITAI actuator module and the GITAI grapple end-effector’s impeccable performance over several days in a dirty chamber with a regolith simulant.

3. Thermal simulation of the arm on the lunar surface

Thermal analysis has been conducted at the lunar South Pole using advanced simulation techniques to ensure optimal performance of the arm under lunar conditions.

4. Cryogenic test of GITAI motor module

The GITAI actuator module, including the motor driver, motors, and gear, underwent a cryogenic test using liquid nitrogen to lower the temperature to an ultra-low -196°C. Subsequently, the module was restored to room temperature and confirmed to be in perfect working order.

5. Dust repellent coating experiment

GITAI has successfully developed a coated glass solution that effectively repels regolith simulant, ensuring unhindered functionality and recognition capabilities without contamination.

6. Dust/shadow tolerant marker detection

GITAI’s DL-based marker detector has demonstrated exceptional performance by maintaining proper functionality, recognition, and other features even when the marker is dirty or affected by dust or shadows.

7. General target object detection for rock sampling

To enable autonomous control during lunar sampling missions, GITAI has thoroughly verified the object recognition function for individual stones, ensuring its reliable operation.

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GITAI is the world’s leading space robotics startup, aiming to provide safe and affordable labor in space and reduce operational costs by 100 times. GITAI is developing highly capable, safe, and reliable robots to help build and maintain satellites, space stations, lunar bases, and cities on Mars.

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