GITAI Wins Government Contract: Development of Extra-Vehicular General-Purpose Robotic Arm and Hand Technology

GITAI Japan, Inc. (Ota-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Mr. Sho Nakanose), developing versatile robots that conduct tasks in space, has won a procurement contract: the FY2020 (supplementary) research and development for the promotion of space development and utilization (development of extra-vehicular general-purpose robotic arm and hand technology) from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI). The maximum budget for the first year of this contract is 270 million yen (approx. US$2.5M).


■Contract from METI: Development of Extra-Vehicular General-Purpose Robotic Arm and Hand Technology
With the recent intensification of the global space race, the demand for on-orbit servicing (refueling, repair, maintenance of satellites, and space debris removal), lunar exploration and base development is rapidly increasing. In order to realize such services, it is essential to make “autonomous extra-vehicular robots capable of performing general-purpose tasks” a reality.

In light of this situation, METI announced a solicitation to conduct the following technological developments and business activities with a maximum budget of 270 million yen in the first year, with the aim of realizing extra-vehicular general-purpose robotic arms and hand technology that can autonomously perform multiple complex tasks on-orbit and on the lunar surface:

(1) General-purpose robotic arm and hand (end-effector) technology
(2) Advanced and low-load autonomous control software technolog
(3) Interface technology that enables the robot to change its end-effector
(4) Reflect the on-orbit servicing market and standardization trends to the development plan and input the development results to standardization organizations.

As a result, two companies including GITAI Japan, Inc. were selected to work on this development.


■Autonomous general-purpose space robots developed by GITAI
GITAI has already developed a number of autonomous general-purpose robots for space applications and from 2020, have been receiving grant funding from NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization) to support efforts to make our robots space rated. In fall of this year (2021), a technology demonstration with the GITAI developed autonomous general-purpose space robot S1, will be conducted on the ISS together with a US commercial space company and NASA. In 2023, GITAI plans to conduct an on-orbit servicing technology demonstration in collaboration with a US commercial space company, and in 2025, similarly on the lunar surface. In addition to tech demos, GITAI has already received orders from several commercial space companies for the development of autonomous general-purpose space robots and are developing robotic solutions specially designed to meet each customer’s needs.

GITAI will continue to develop autonomous general-purpose robots for space applications with the mission of “providing inexpensive and safe means of labor in space”.


– NEDO Grant to support GITAI’s Robots to become Space Rated


– GITAI’s ISS Onboard Technology


– GITAI’s Robotic Rover for Lunar Operations


■GITAI’s Mission

GITAI is a space robotics startup that aims to provide an inexpensive and safe means of working in space.
In 2040, GITAI will be an equal partner with the world’s leading space launch companies, providing inexpensive and safe labor to build cities on the Moon and Mars, and space colonies.
They provide the transportation; we provide the work.
They lower the cost of transportation; we lower the cost of work.


■About GITAI
GITAI is developing a general-purpose work robot for space use that can perform the following tasks inexpensively and safely.
1) EVA (Extra-Vehicular Activity) tasks on space stations
2) Docking, mission extension, repair, and maintenance work for on-orbit servicing (life extension to satellite / space debris removal)
3) Various tasks for lunar exploration and lunar base construction

Company: GITAI Japan, Inc. (Japan HQ) / GITAI USA Inc. (US subsidiary)
CEO: Mr. Sho Nakanose
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