Let’s do something important for humanity.

GITAI will develop robots that work in space and cut down the costs for space operations by 100 times. By 2040, we will be providing reasonable, safe, and reliable labor to construct cities on the Moon and space colonies. Without the best talents in the world, a dream like this cannot become a reality.

Currently (June 2020), GITAI is a small startup with only 10 full-time employees. But don’t let the numbers fool you, 6 of them are PhDs, of them 2 are former research associates from the University of Tokyo, and 2 are Founder & CEOs who have successfully exited their companies (even to Google!), a team of selected individuals.

Right now at GITAI, multiple projects are running in parallel, including a technical demonstration of our robot inside a commercial module of the ISS, launching on a SpaceX Dragon scheduled in May 2021. We’re facing a serious deficit of engineers and biz-dev people! If you think you have what it takes, come join us to send robots to the final frontier.