Space robotics start-up GITAI succeeds in ground demonstration of In-Space Assembly tasks with an autonomous robot

GITAI Inc. (Tokyo, Japan; CEO: Mr. Sho Nakanose), developing robots that conduct tasks in space, has released a video showing the successful ground demonstration of its single-armed robot “S1” executing In-Space Assembly (ISA) tasks.

ISA is one of the markets that is starting to draw attention in the blooming commercial space industry. With restrictions to launch mass and size, there are high expectations for the utilization of advanced robotics to assemble large structures from pieces that fit in the limited launch capacity.

GITAI has succeeded on the ground, in executing a group of tasks that resemble an ISA operation with its single-armed “S1” robot. The S1 put together a mount-rack from pillar-shaped parts and attached panels to it which imitates a large structure such as a solar panel, antenna, or telescope mirror.

S1 conducting ISA tasks, recorded in the GITAI Tokyo office

In this ground demonstration, the robot is operating autonomously recognizing its environment with image processing and real-time motion planning. GITAI has already succeeded in autonomous operations of switch and cable manipulations, but took it one step further. As a technical challenge, the S1 has also succeeded in executing tasks utilizing tools (a screwdriver) and has proven its versatility and dexterity.

GITAI will conduct a technical demonstration of the S1 inside the ISS in 2021. The demonstration will be conducted inside the Nanoracks’ Bishop airlock module which was just launched to the ISS on December 6, 2020. Development of the hardware flight model and safety reviews are well underway. This ground demonstration proves the technical feasibility of autonomous ISA operations with the S1, marking a huge step in realizing the in-space technical demonstration in 2021.

GITAI will continue its endeavors to develop space robots for In-Space Assembly and Manufacturing (ISAM) in LEO (low-earth orbit) and on the moon, to achieve its mission to reduce space labor costs by 100 times.

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GITAI is a space robotics start-up developing robots that can answer the demand for tasks to be conducted in various realms of space, with a goal to reduce the cost of space labor by 100 times. Focusing on:
1.IVA and EVA (Extra-Vehicular Activity) tasks on space stations;
2.Tasks related to OOS satellites (Docking, refueling, and repairs of existing satellites; debris removal);
3.Various tasks for lunar exploration and lunar base construction;
GITAI will develop robots that can work in the harsh space environment and conduct any kind of task required by the customer. This in turn will bring about a true dawn of the space commercialization age.

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CEO: Mr. Sho Nakanose
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